LSystemsPro. A leading provider of integrated audio visual (AV) and lighting solutions.

LSystemsPro have built an outstanding reputation across the and carry out projects across the Armenia & Artsakh. From initial design concepts through to project completion, the highly skilled team guide you through the process ensuring outstanding results for your business.

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As an audio, visual and lighting integrator, LSPro is uniquely qualified to understand the requirements for video capture using the correct video, audio and lighting for distance learning, conferencing and events. Our extensive experience of creating dynamic solutions across a variety of sectors across Armenia and Artsakh enables us to present you with the best options for your business.


Featured Projects


Benedict Restaurant & Music Hall


"Pharaon" Leisure And Entertainment Complex

Stage by Dvin41

Stage By Dvin

armenia wine

Armenia Wine Company


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Our Services

When One Company can do it all

Why use 5 companies when 1 can do it all. LSystemsPro provide the full AV solution to your project.
Save time, costs & finish with a great system.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting indoor & outdoor. Commercial building wide lighting.

Sound & Light Equipment of Objects

Full equipment of the establishment with lighting, sound and video equipment.

Media Visual & Conference Systems

Integration of media servers, video systems, projection and conference systems.

Technical Support of Events​

Tailored service & maintenance packages to suit your requirements. Trained service personnel onsite support within 24 hours to help resolve AV, sound or lighting issues.

Public Address Systems Integration

Public address systems Building wide public address, paging systems Systems integration & control Digital programmable systems Outdoor & indoor speakers.

Venue & TV Studio Systems

Complex solutions for lighting, sound and video equipment for TV Studios, theaters and pavilions.

Let's Make Your Events Memorable!

We will handle your projects from A to Z.

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