"Pharaon" Leisure And Entertainment Complex

In the “PHARAON” LEISURE AND ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX, an update was made to the lighting complex by our company, and new lighting equipment was installed.

In the project were used and installed:

Lighting System:
Lighting Console: FULL BOAR 4 High End Systems
Moving Head Lights: ClayPaky MYTHOS – 12pcs, ClayPaky ALPHA PROFILE 800ST -8pcs , ClayPaky A.LEDA B-EYE K20 – 12pcs, ClayPaky SHARPY -20pcs,
Static Lights : Cameo PIXBAR600PRO – 38pcs, Cameo FlatPRO 12 – 4pcs, Cameo FlatPRO12IP65 – 28pcs, Matrix 5×5 Blinder DMX. – 8pcs, ANTARI DNG-200 Low Fog Machine -1pcs.

Truss & Rigging System:

 Prolyte PAE-500DC-0225 -8pcs, PAE-C8DC -1pcs, Conductix-Wampfler Spring Cable Reels System -4pcs , ALUTEK truss S29Q – 72 m,

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