Stage By Dvin

A new project completed by our company is Restaurant Music Hall STAGE DY DVIN.

A project was developed and lighting, sound and video equipment was installed.

In the project were used and installed:

Sound System:
Mixing Console – Yamaha TF5 32-1pcs, Yamaha Tio 1608-D -2pcs.
PA Line Array System – dBTechnologies DVAT8 -12pcs, DVA S1518 N- 6pcs,
Monitors – dBTechnologies DVX D12 HP – 8pcs.
Microphones – Shure SLXD24E/58 -4pcs. Gravity Stands.

Lighting System:
Lighting Console: ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 -1pcs
Moving Head Lights: GDT Lighting 470 BSW – 12pcs, Cameo AURO® BEAM 200 -24pcs , GDT Lighting TD-LMZ 3019 – 12pcs.
Static Lights : Cameo PIXBAR600PRO – 28pcs, Cameo P ST 64 Q 8W – 24 pcs, Cameo FlatPRO18IP65 – 4pcs, MAGICFX® SMOKEJET – 8pcs, MAGICFX® STAGE FAN -2pcs.
Truss & Rigging System: ALUSTAGE truss 30 – 60 m,
LED Screens:
Main Screen Absen KL3 5.5×3 m -1 pcs, Cube Screen Bossen cube -4pcs.
NovaStar VX4 video processor-1pcs, CatalystPro software. MCTRL300 card.

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