Benedict Restaurant & Music Hall

The Music Hall Benedict restaurant purchased a set of sound and lighting equipment to sound the restaurant premises, hold celebrations and banquets, perform live musicians, and DJs.
The specialists of our company have developed a project for the installation of sound and lighting equipment.

In the project were used and installed:

Sound System:
Yamaha TF5,Tio1608-D,
Wireless System LDSystems WIN 42 HHD
Microphones Shure, DMK57-52 4, PGA81,SM57
Stands Gravity , MS4322,SS 5211 B
Ground Music System:
LDSystems CONTRACTOR CWMS 52 B 100 V, CONTRACTOR CICS 52 100 V, ZONE 624, DEEP2 4950, CDMP 1

Lighting System:
Lighting Console: ChamSys QuickQ 20
LED Moving Head Spot Cameo AURO® SPOT 400, AURO® BEAM 150
Static LED Cameo PIXBAR 600 PRO, FLAT PRO 12, SB 6 DUAL
Truss System: RS Truss Q30

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